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Real Estate

Reliable Real Estate Transactions in Barnwell

A real estate transaction is the process in which property rights are transferred. Generally, a real estate agent can guide you through the entire process, and in most states, a real estate transaction won’t need to be made with the help of an attorney. However, in some states, an attorney is necessary. There are also situations in which an attorney will be more helpful than a real estate agent.

Does Your State Require an Attorney?

Quite a few states require some sort of attorney involvement in real estate transactions. This could include anything from requiring the presence of an attorney at a real estate transaction to an attorney being involved in some of the paperwork. It’s important to check if you’ll need help beyond a real estate agent because state laws can change or be updated.

If you’re unsure of whether you need an attorney involved in the process, make an appointment with us. We can outline the process of real estate transaction and point out where an attorney plays a part.

When Is It Helpful to Include an Attorney?

Even though your state might not require the involvement of an attorney, there could be situations in which an attorney can help. If unusual or complicated legal issues arise, a real estate agent won’t be able to advise you. Maybe there are some building code issues involved. Perhaps you want to rent a home for a while before buying it. If an unexpected problem comes to light, you’ll need legal advice.

At Harvey & Kulmala, LLC, we have the experience and education to help you understand real estate legal problems and what actions you can or should take. If you encounter a situation in which you need legal information on real estate transactions, contact us to further discuss the matter.